X-Xtra Iron 9%
X-Xtra Iron with High Iron 10% and Low Nitrogen 6%
X-Xtra Iron Goes the Extra Mile for Fast Green-Up
X-Xtra Iron 6-0-0 contains more iron than the closest competitive product on the market. X-Xtra Iron provides 100% soluble, chelated iron in an immediately available form for both foliar and root applications. With its low nitrogen to iron ratio, X-Xtra Iron provides rapid green-up without any harmful surge growth. It's a difference you can see in just 24 hours!

But the good news doesn't stop with the long-lasting green up. X-Xtra Iron contains the three most essential nutrients for photosynthesis: iron, nitrogen and sulfur. These elements combine to give less visible but equally important improvements to your golf fairways, tees and greens by promoting strong root systems.

X-Xtra Iron is formulated with citric acid as the chelating source. Because the citric acid chelate is quickly absorbed through plant tissue, X-Xtra Iron is good not only for rapid green up but also for correcting iron deficiencies and chlorosis.

With its high iron content, X-Xtra Iron is a heavy liquid that weighs in at over 11 lbs. per gallon. Yet is it is extremely pure, crystal clear liquid solution with no sediment.

X-Xtra Iron is amine compatible and be mixed with herbicides, fungicides pesticides, and other N-P-K fertilizers. X-Xtra Iron is very effective when applied with PGRs such as Primo MAXX® or Cutlass®, since its low nitrogen content will not counteract growth reduction but will prevent yellowing.

*Primo Maxx® is a trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Cutlass® is a trademark of SePRO Corporation.
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