Pro-Formance Ultra 18-3-6
A premium Foliar Greens Product with Organic Enhancers

Pro-Formance UltraTM is the Green Choice for Top Performance

For superintendents and greens experts who want the benefits of a technologically advanced product from an industry leader in liquid fertilizer, and who also want the benefits of high levels of organics, Growth Product's Pro-Formance Ultra (18-3-6) is a premium foliar fertilizer designed for high performance greens that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A complete package in a single bottle, Pro-Formance Ultra not only provides N-P-K in an 18-3-6 analysis, but five essential micronutrients: calcium, chelated iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc.

Here is what sets Pro-Formance Ultra apart from the crowd:

  • Multiple organic ingredients, including humic acid, L-amino acids, kelp extract, yucca extract, and hydrolyzed soy protein - all powerhouses when it comes to plant development and soil improvement.
  • Humic acid derived from leonardite, a soft coal. Humic acid has well-recognized bio-enhancer properties, and increases nutrient efficiency and uptake, helps restore humus, improves soil structure, increases soil moisture retention, and enhances soil's natural biological activity.
  • L-amino acids enhances photosynthesis, enhances a plant's metabolic activities, increases root mass, helps plants combat stress, encourages healthy plant growth without surges, and increases a soil's cation exchange.
  • Kelp, yucca and hydrolyzed soy protein in Pro-Formance Ultra work together with the humic and L-amino acids to increase foliar absorption of nutrients and to feed the soil. Stimulate healthy turf growth, and the saponins in yucca serve as a natural wetting agent.

Chemistry aside, the benefits of Pro-Formance Ultra are clear: advanced foliar uptake, superior absorption, improved soil, and no harmful surge growth on your greens.

Designed for weekly use (6 oz. per 1,000 feet for cold season turf; 8 oz. per week for warm season turf), Pro-Formance Ultra provides ease-of-use and long-lasting adherence to leaf tissue regardless of weather conditions.