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Greener, healthier turf, ready for tournament play
Get Greener, Healthier Turfgrass
Who doesn't want greener, healthier turf that looks like it is ready for tournament play? The foundation for superior golf course care rests in consistency and reliability. Flush top growth leads to problems such as susceptibility to disease, poor root development, and summer stress. These problems can be avoided by using Growth Products' technically advanced "Smart Nitrogen" products.

Smart Nitrogen™ is a liquid slow release nitrogen (SRN). It provides an even and consistent feed, avoiding the aforementioned issues associated with surge growth. The SRN in all Growth Products' fertilizers is Nitro-30, a methylene urea nitrogen.

This proprietary Smart Nitrogen™ has several unique and important properties that make a significant difference in fertility:

  • It is highly tacky/sticky, and will not be washed away by rain or irrigation.
  • It fastens to the leaf cuticle, where it is broken down and absorbed by stomatal openings.
  • Its dual efficiency allows it to be absorbed by both leaves and roots.
  • It will not leach or volatize, making it good for the environment and good for your bottom line.
  • It will reduce thatch build up associated with fast release nitrogen products.
Studies at leading universities have shown that a slow release nitrogen provides excellent agronomic response, no phytotoxicity, and a better residual release than liquid fertilizers with quick release nitrogen. Highly efficient AND cost effective, SRN is clearly the smart choice for healthier, greener turf!