Repair divot damage with Repair Plus
Improve Playability with Growth Products' Natural Organic Solutions
Divot damage, bare turf areas, slow greens, dry spots, and stressed turfgrass reduce playability and hurt your bottom line. Fortunately, Growth Products is here to help. In addition to our core set of highest-quality liquid fertilizers, organic amendments, and biological fungicides, Growth Products has multiple specialty products to meet your individual needs.

For lickety-split greens, turn to Green-Speed Si™. Green-Speed Si™ is a proprietary liquid formula that combines silica, potassium phosphite, and humic acid. The silica in Green-Speed Si™ hardens grass blades by strengthening cell walls, and allows for better mowing, a quicker ball roll, and reduced ball marks.

Other specialty products include Re-Store Plus™, an all-in-one liquid solution for quick green-up and improved soils, Hydro-Max to improve dry spots, and a vast range of nutrient products such as X-Xtra Iron, Cal-Tec 9%, and Micrel Total.