Salt Reduction
Essential organic reduces salinity problems in soil and water
Correct High Salts From Storm Damage, Ice Melt, High Salt Fertilizers or Pesticides, and Reclaimed Water
For years, Growth Products has been working with landscapers, arborists, and world renowned golf courses to help reverse the corrosive effect of salts and their negative impact on turf, trees, and crops in general. Salt has become a universal problem and as a result of our experience we know how to correct or mitigate salt issues caused by over application of pesticides, reclaimed water used by many golf courses, the damaging effects of hurricanes, or just soil with excessive salt in general.

Additionally, the lack of spring rain isn't helping wash the salts away. Salt is a problem for our diets and is a problem for plants. Delicate roots do not like salts from any source and will not get their needed water because salt holds the water and denies the plant. And when and if we get spring rains the salt will percolate to the surface of the soil and then play havoc with your lawns.

Irrigation and rain will help, but the ONLY way to neutralize the salts is by adding rich organic materials to the ground and root areas. That doesn't mean tons of compost. Products rich in organic materials such as Sodium Knockout, Essential Plus, Re-Store Plus, and even Palm Pro (don't be distracted by the name) can help correct the high salt content in your soil. You can also add a packet or two of the BioNutrients Soluble 8-0-9 to any spray tank mix again to add organic materials to your salty ground.

Please take a look at our new Salt Reduction Program to learn more about how Growth Products can help you manage salt accumulation and restore your turfs, trees, and landscapes.