Recover Rx: A Plant Prescription

It's been more than just luck - and a wonderfully serendipitous name - that have made David Plant a successful horticultural consultant. Plant, an Australian native who has lived and consulted in the rugged and desert-like climate of Arizona for the last 15 years, has worked hard to know the ins, outs, and detailed intricacies of plant health in both nursery and residential settings.

Plant has used and recommended Companion® biological fungicide, Essential®, 14-7-17 All-Purpose liquid fertilizer, and many other Growth Products' products over the years. But his recent experience with Growth Products' Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA nearly has him doing cartwheels down greenhouse aisles.

Faced with withered brown roots and stressed foliage on 4 ½ inch pots of Geraldton Waxflower (another Australian native), Plant potted up the Waxflower and applied Recover Rx. "We were all amazed," Plant explains. "I saw an almost immediate difference. Literally within 4 or 5 days I saw healthier looking foliage and extensive white root growth."

Recover Rx

A relatively new addition to the Growth Products' product line, Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA is a liquid solution that encourages plant growth, improves plant vigor, and rejuvenates stressed trees and shrubs.

Recover Rx contains 8 oz. of salicylic acid per gallon. This ingredient works synergistically to activate a plant's natural immune system so that the plant can better fight plant disease and withstand environmental stress. This well-documented phenomenon is known as ISR, or Induced Systemic Resistance.

The salicylic acid contained in Recover Rx is a natural plant hormone that is produced by plants whenever they are exposed to stress, whether it is environmental stress or disease stress. Salicylic acid occurs to some degree in all plants, but is produced in the highest quantities by willow (Salix) trees, from whence it gets its name. The active ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid has long been known for its healing properties for humans, but is just now gaining recognition for its role in plant health.

Applied at times of stress, Recover Rx supplements a plant's natural supply of salicylic acid. Applied regularly in the absence of stress, Recover RX improves seedling growth, encourages early development in young plants, and increases blossom and/or fruit set on mature plants.

Recover Rx can be applied as a drench or as a foliar spray, is highly soluble, easy and safe to use, environmentally friendly, and has an exceptionally low salt index - all of which add to its appeal for David Plant. Plant has just started using it on pines, and says that he's so impressed with Recover Rx's results that he may well start using it on virtually everything. As a prescription for plant health, Recover RX appears to be just what the doctor - and David Plant - ordered.

Geraldton Waxflower (Chamelausium spp.) in 4.5 inch pots prior to the application of Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA show very little white root growth.

Drenched with Recover Rx 3-18-18 with SA and transplanted to a larger pot, the Geraldton Waxflower showed remarkable root growth in a short period of time. (Initial application of Recover Rx at time of transplant was followed with an application of Growth Products' 14-7-14 All-Purpose liquid fertilizer one week later.)

Impressive top growth after application of Recover Rx on this Geraldton Waxflower is described by horticultural consultant David Plant as "simply amazing."

David Plant of Sun Lakes, AZ, may be reached at (480) 802-4230 or

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