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Tomato Seedling Trial – Professional Independent Greenhouse Study

Effective Organic Biostimulant / Purpose:Germination Study

A professional independent study performed by a world leader in breeding and producing vegetable & ornamental seeds and vegetable cuttings. Evaluation of Essential® Organic Biostimulant on tomato seeds; to improve and hasten seed germination and plant development compared to control.

Essential® contains a mix of humic acids and natural wetting agent which increases seed coat permeability, hastens germination and has auxin –like effects promoting greater root development. It also contains L-amino acids, enzymes, sugars, vitamins, kelp.

potato study
potato study

Seed Sowing:

Preparation: Essential was mixed into a 26 oz. container of water, at rates of 3%, 5%, and 8% solution. Each of the three different concentrations were applied as a spray drench, with a handheld sprayer, directly to multi cell trays the same day as sowing.

potato study

Plant Development:

Plants were assessed 19 days after the application, and the results were visibly evident in both the number and size of leaves, root mass and thicker stems, strong taproot formation and branching in all of the Essential applications as compared the control. The most impressive growth and development was observed in the seedlings that received the 8% concentration of Essential.

potato study

Used as a liquid drench or as a foliar spray, Essential® Plus consistently improves blossom set and fruit set on a wide variety of crops. Essential’s natural plant growth promoters produce auxin-like effects at each stage of plant growth. The auxin effects promote cell division and elongation, root growth and branching, blossom formation, blossom set, and fruit set to significantly increase crop yield. In addition Essential® provides the sugars and minor elements necessary for tasty fruit.

potato study


For Every Growing Stage:

Essential® can be successfully used in a wide variety of applications, from bare root transplants, sizing up and repotting, and for soft and hardwood cuttings. Applied at these critical growth stages, Essential will help overcome transplant shock, boost the plant’s metabolic activities such as photosynthesis, respiration and ion uptake.

Essential is available in 1qt., 1 gal, 2.5 gal and drum quantities.

Remember To: *Continue to use Essential in the field at a rate of 1-2 Quarts per Acre. ?It promotes root growth and prevents transplant shock.