14-7-14 All Purpose
Liquid Fertilizer with 50% Slow-Release Nitrogen and Micronutrients
Growth Products' 14-7-14 All Purpose is a concentrated, crystal-clear liquid fertilizer. Its popular 2:1:2 ratio, essential micronutrients, ease of handling, and no-clog attributes when used in fertigation systems has made it an industry favorite.

14-7-14 All Purpose contains 50% Smart Nitrogen™, which provides a highly consistent nitrogen feeding curve. Smart Nitrogen™ - which is Growth Products' proprietary form of methylene urea - does not leach or volatize, but remains present and available to plants over an extended period. Numerous nursery and greenhouse growers who have switched to 14-7-14 All Purpose have reported up to 60% reductions in fertilizer usage, and timings between fertilizations can be extended if desired.

With an exceptionally low salt-index, 14-7-14 All Purpose poses virtually no risk of phytotoxicity or salt build-up. It can be used on all types of bedding plants, perennials, cut flowers, plugs, ornamentals, nursery crops, trees, foliage and container plants. A highly versatile fertilizer, it can be used as a foliar feed or drench, and can be applied though even the most sensitive irrigation or fertigation equipment without danger of clogging.

14-7-14 All Purpose is easier and less bulky to store and avoids broken and hardened bags. It has no special storage requirements, and has a non-corrosive, alkaline pH. It is compatible with other technical materials, and can be mixed and sprayed with fungicides and/or insecticides in one application, saving time and labor.
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