Guard Your Plants with Sil-Guard 0-2-5
Flowers and plants grown without adequate amounts of silicon (Si) are weaker, less vigorous, and more prone to stress than plants that receive adequate Si. Silicon deficiencies also manifest themselves post-harvest, when flowers and other crops wilt after cutting. Fortunately, growers can easily protect their plants against low levels of silicon by applying Growth Products' Sil-Guard 0-2-5.

Sil-Guard 0-2-5 with Potassium Silicate and Phosphite is a liquid supplement that provides 7 percent soluble silica (SiO2) plus a variety of other beneficial ingredients, and it has a three-prong approach to improving crop quality:
  • Silica hardens the leaf and strengthens the xylem vessels (stem) of plants. It reduces water loss through transpiration, and is particularly beneficial when a plant is under environmental stress. By hardening the cell walls of plant tissue, silica also enhances a plant's resistance to sucking insects and wards off fungal disease.
  • The potassium phosphite in Sil-Guard is extremely mobile in plant tissue, and hastens the uptake of the silica and other soil nutrients into the stem and leaves. Potassium phosphite also promotes plant health and increases the plant's resistance to disease and pests.
  • Sil-Guard's humic acid provides critical organic matter that promotes plant health and allows the silica and phosphite to work more effectively. Humic acid allows for more efficient nutrient uptake, increases soil microbial activity, and plays part in a host of other beneficial plant and soil processes.
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