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Horticultural fertilizers, micronutrients and biological fungicides

Satisfied clients in over 30 countries world-wide can testify that Growth Products knows the horticultural industry inside-and-out, and that our products are superior and cost-effective. Since our founding 25 years ago, our company has created many break-through products:

  • Companion® Biological Fungicide -- the first-ever liquid EPA approved biological fungicide for the horticultural market.
  • Smart Nitrogen™ -- advanced controlled-release liquid nitrogen with a superior record of performance and sustainability.
  • Essential® Plus - a 100% organic soil conditioner and root stimulant that puts nature's science into your hands in one safe, easy-to-use liquid solution.
  • 100% chelated micro-nutrients to target and correct deficiencies with immediate results.

These products are literally changing the way that growers think. For example, a number of large U.S. growing operations have stopped using chemical hormones and have switched to all-natural Essential® Plus to get their Sundance Hibiscus ready for market faster and with better results. Other growers have reduced or even eliminated their use of chemical fungicides in favor our Companion® Biological Fungicide. And the list goes on...

No matter what the crop or stage of production, Growth Products can help you protect your plants from disease, improve rooting, ward off stress, or simply finish a crop in a healthy green color as it goes out the door. By going beyond the basics, our products can take your crops to a higher level of perfection!