Companion effectively fights disease on New Guinea Impatiens
Fend Off Disease From Start to Finish
Companion® Biological Fungicide fights a wide range of disease pathogens, including Root Rot, Blight, Wilt, Bottom and Stem Rot, Bacterial Leaf Spot and Grey Mold. And now users of the extremely popular Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide (the first-ever EPA-registered biological fungicide for horticultural market) now can also make use of Companion Wettable Powder Biological Fungicide.

Companion Wettable Powder contains the same active ingredient (Bacillus subtilis GB03) as our liquid Companion, but it is designed for incorporation into soils or soilless media prior to planting. It is perfect for all types of mixes, including those for potting, germination, plugs, liners, and sizing-up. It's compatible with mixes containing bark or peat, and with rockwool in hydroponics systems.

Like its liquid twin, Companion Wettable Powder is super easy ... and super effective! Only 1/2 pound of Companion Wettable Powder is needed per cubic yard. A 20-pound package mixes 40 cubic yards of mix. Concentrated products like Companion mean less storage space and lower shipping costs!

Companion's unique, multiple modes of action work together to prevent, control and suppress root and foliar diseases, and do so in a way that drastically reduces the chance of pathogens developing a chemical resistance. By using Companion Wettable Powder and Companion Liquid alone or in rotation with traditional chemical fungicides, you can not only keep your plants healthy, but you can implement an effective, environmentally responsible disease management program.

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