Seeding, Rooting & Sizing-Up
Seeding and germination is faster with Essential Plus
Ready, Set, Grow!
From seeding or cuttings all the way to the market, Essential® Plus 100% Organic Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator gives your plants a speedy advantage.
  • Seeding & Germination: Essential Plus assures a faster and higher percentage of seed germination for virtually every plant. Essential's natural wetting agent and its humic acids quickly soften the seed coat, allowing water penetration and more uniform germination even on tough seed coats and on hard-to-seed plants such as Gerberas or Impatiens. At the same time, its gibberellic acid promotes root thickening and more plentiful root branching. University trials at Iowa State have shown a 50 to 70% increase in seed germination and rooting with Essential compared to phosphorous and IBA products.
  • Cuttings: For the propagation of cuttings, Essential Plus provides a safe and superior alternative to chemical hormones like IBA or NAA. A true organic solution, Essential Plus contains natural auxin-like ingredients that stimulate callous formation and faster rooting. By drenching cuttings with Essential, you can eliminate the health and environmental hazards of working with IBA or NAA powders, and avoid costly and labor-intensive dipping.
  • Sizing-Up, Transplanting and Re-Potting: Essential Plus is one of the few tools available to the grower to overcome the damages caused by transplant shock and sizing-up. Even when treated with the utmost care, plants suffer from root damage and "leaky root syndrome" after being handled. The ingredients in Essential Plus provide soluble organic nutrients such as sugars, L-amino acids, enzymes, humic acid, and sea kelp to boost a plant's metabolic system at a critical time, and to get a plant healthy and growing as quickly as possible.
Essential Plus can be used at every stage of a plant's life cycle, and can be used with Companion Biological Fungicide for superior results.

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