Micros & Deficiencies
Improve the color of your plants with chelated liquid micronutrients
Micro-Managing for Maximum Returns
The correct management of micronutrients drastically enhances the quality and the color of your plants. Better quality and better color bring higher prices and quicker sales, so "micro-money" is always money well spent.

For general micro-management, many growers rely on Growth Products' 14-7-14 All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer. Not only does it have 50% slow-release nitrogen for more efficient feeding, but it contains all essential micronutrients (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn).

For crops that have special micronutrients needs, growers often turn to Growth Products' diverse line of chelated micros. Growth Products' Geranium Program and its Mum/Fluerette Program both recommend Cal Mag Max 7-0-3. Cal Mag Max has highly soluble 4% chelated calcium and 2% chelated magnesium, and is perfect for a wide variety of plant plugs and for the hardening off of plants. The cal-mag mix works to strengthen plant turgidity, intensify color, and reduce stretch.

For a complete, fully chelated micro package, turn to Growth Products' Micrel Total 5-0-0. Its eight micros are in a horticulturally correct ratio, and the chelation process makes the micros completely soluble and immediately available to plants for uptake. It can be used to correct deficiencies in all types of greenhouse and nursery crops, and it is an ideal product to use when there is no time to run soil and tissue tests to determine specific deficiencies.