Essential® Plus
Rice seeds treated with Essential Plus
A Proven Globe Trotter
Essential® Plus 100% Natural Soil Amendment and Root -Enhancer, first introduced by Growth Products in 1997, has blazed its way across the globe, thanks to its versatility and proven efficacy. It is used to grow hot-house tomatoes in Turkey; to grow cut flowers in Ecuador; to boost production of rice paddies in Malaysia; on the turf at arenas such as New Zealand's Waikato Stadium; and on golf courses such as Bintan Lagoon near Singapore.

Essential Plus' multiple building blocks for plant and soil nutrition (its humates, amino acids, enzymes, complex carbohydrates, kelp and yucca extracts) make it incredibly effective. Throughout the crop cycle, Essential Plus gives growers numerous opportunities to improve plant vigor, root mass, and yield. University trials and research tests have shown that it stimulates seed germination, encourages rooting and branching, increases bud formation and blossom set, creates denser roots, and helps plants overcome transplant shock.

While improving your crops or sports turf, Essential Plus is also improving your soil. Its blend of natural ingredients increases a soil's cation exchange capacity, adds needed organic matter to depleted soil, and reverses salt damage.

A highly concentrated liquid, Essential Plus can be applied as a foliar spray, a drench, or a dip for cutting, and in most cases only 5 ml per 4 liters of water give outstanding results. It requires no special handling or storage requirements, and is extremely safe for workers and for the environment.
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