Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0)
Oranges grown with Nitro-30 SRN
Reduce Nitrate Leaching & Increase Crop Yield with Nitro-30
Nitrate leaching is a worldwide problem that degrades water supplies for people in every country. But Growth Products' Smart Nitrogen™, which is found in all Growth Products' liquid fertilizers including Nitro-30 (30-0-0), can help you dramatically reduce nitrate leaching and volatilization.

Smart Nitrogen reduces leaching because it is foliar-applied and immediately adheres to leaves. The unique methylene urea molecule in Smart Nitrogen then permeates the leaf cuticle and steadily supplies nitrogen over an extended period. Much more efficient than ground-applied urea- or ammonium-based fertilizers, Nitro-30 SRN never has to touch the soil and does not leach away, unused, to contaminate water supplies. Nitro-30 produces profound results with only 4-18 liters per hectare, which is one-third to one-half the amount of granular nitrogen required to get similar results.

Compatibility with fungicides and pesticides is an added benefit in saving time and labor when using Nitro-30, since you can reduce diesel fuel costs for sprayers or reduce multiple injections through tape, drip or fertigation systems. Unlike caustic, high salt ammonium products, Nitro-30 is not only gentle on the environment, it is also non-toxic to workers and non-phytotoxic to plants.

Nitro-30 SRN can be used on all vegetable, fruit and horticultural crops; on sport and golf course turfs; in hydroponics; and in greenhouses and field houses. It's easy to transport and handle, cost-efficient, and has a proven track record across the globe.
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