Sil-Guard & Green Speed Si
Golf course treated with Green Speed Si
Silicon... A Secret Weapon?
Although silicon (Si) is abundant in the earth's crust, it is not always present in a form that is available for plant uptake. In fact, many soils around the globe are deficient in silicates that promote plant health.

Plants with adequate supplies of soluble silicon have enhanced photosynthesis and vigor. Silicon makes a plant's cell walls thicker and stronger, resulting in better looking plants that more easily resist disease and environmental stress. Silicon can improve drought and heat tolerance, and can ameliorate salinity problems and aluminum toxicity. Studies also show that silicon makes a plant more resistant to sucking insect damage and more resistant to fungal damage.

Given the importance of silicon, it's amazing that so few growers take the time to consider silicon in their plant nutrition management programs. But from Bangkok to Bali, from Turkey to Thailand, those who do feel as though they have found a secret weapon.

Growth Products' two popular silicon products - Sil-Guard for the horticultural market and Green Speed Si for sports turf - both provide a soluble potassium silicate that is immediately available for plant utilization. The two products can be used in almost all situations, from hydroponics, to turf management, to flower and vegetable applications.

Both Sil-Guard and Green Speed Si are top-of-the-line silicon products that include beneficial humic acid and potassium phosphite. The humic acid provides important organic matter that promotes plant health and allows the silica to work more effectively, while the phosphite promotes plant health and increases a plant's resistance to disease and pests.
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