Companion® Biological Fungicide
Increased Basil Leaf Harvest With Companion
A World-Wide Companion®
A biological fungicide unlike any other product on the market. A safe, natural alternative to harmful chemical fungicides, Companion® Biological Fungicide not only fights off plant pathogens but it naturally stimulates plant growth and vigorous root development, resulting in healthier, more robust plants.

The key component in Companion is the beneficial bacterium Bacillus subtilis. A true "citizen of the world," Bacillus subtilis is found in soils continents across the globe. The GB03 isolate used in Companion, which was discovered in Australia, has unique disease-fighting properties.

Growth Products, a pioneer in advanced bio-technology, was able to stabilize Bacillus subtilis GB03 to make it commercially useful. The result was Companion, the first and only stable liquid biological fungicide introduced to the United States market. Initially introduced to the horticultural market in 2001, Companion is now EPA approved for all agricultural crops and all turf and landscape use, in the greenhouse or in the field.

Companion can be shipped around the world with no stability, shelf life or handling issues. Worry-free in transit, on your dealer's shelf, or in your storage shed, in cold temperatures or in the tropical climates of Asia, Companion allows you to safely manage a broad range of fungal diseases on all plant materials.

Companion does not contain any genetically modified organisms and is safe for the environmental, safe for your farm workers, and safe the final consumer. A true organic fungicide, Companion puts you a gigantic step ahead of the competition.
NEW - Companion Biological Fungicide is also available as a wettable powder in easy-to-use 8 oz., 20 lb., & 40 lb. packages. The dry concentrate that is fully soluble in water. It can be applied as a soil drench, foliar spray, or organic seed treatment on all types of field grown food crops including; vegetables, herbs, small fruits, berries, and nut trees, as well as in greenhouse plug production and hydroponics operations.
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