Grow Globally With Growth Products
Cameron Highlands, Indonesia
Growth Products' reputation as the highest quality liquid solutions company for the Green Industry continues to grow the world over. Our liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and organic soil amendments - together with our ground-breaking biological fungicide - are used in over 30 countries on 5 continents. What sets us apart from the crowd?
  • Advanced technology makes our products agronomically superior to commodity granular fertilizers and chemical pesticides.
  • Our products are cost-competitive and environmentally friendly.
  • Our products provide measurable advantages in crop quality and yield, and actually improve rather than deplete agricultural soils.
  • We know that soils and climatic conditions in various parts of the world often require customized fertilizer and micronutrient mixes, and we work with customers and distributors to create customized blends.
  • Our products target all Green Industry markets, including the agricultural, horticultural, golf, arbor care and professional turf markets.
  • We understand the global market, and create solid "win-win" relationships with our international distributors.
Whether you are a plantation manager in Indonesia, a golf course superintendent in Mauritius, a palm oil nursery owner in Ecuador, a family farmer in Turkey, or a distributor who wants to carry a superior product line, Growth Products can help boost your bottom line.