Quito, Ecuador
From the Highlands of Malaysia to the Highlands of Kenya... Growth Products Covers the Globe!
News travels fast, especially when it's good news! At a recent International Horti Fair in Amsterdam, glowing reviews of Growth Products' liquid organics and fertilizers virtually sped across the globe. A grower from Malaysia raved about Essential Plus to another grower, who decided to use the product to increase the berry set on his Hypericum FLAIR ® operations in Kenya and Tanzania.

In Australia, Peter Jans, Course & Estate Operations Manager of the prestigious Sanctuary Lakes Golf Course outside of Melbourne, is exceptionally pleased with the results he's achieved by switching from traditional fertilizers and chemical fungicides, to Growth Products' Smart Nitrogen fertilizers and Companion Biological Fungicide. He has improved his soil, seen improved course appearance and playability, dramatically decreased his annual fungicide expense, and reduced the course's environmental impact.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of satisfied customers world-wide. Farmers, golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, and rose growers are turning to Growth Products because they need to compete globally and keep rising expenses at bay. Tomatoes from Canada compete with tomatoes grown in Mexico and Israel, and grapes from Chili compete with those from California and Peru. And across the globe, indiscriminate use of synthetic fertilizers and harsh chemicals have degraded soils and contaminated waterways. By turning to Growth Products, growers have been able to reverse soil damage with Growth Products' liquid organics, have created sustainable farming or turf management practices that do not harm the environment, have kept their costs down, and have realized real-world advantages in crop yield and in crop or turf quality.