Growth Products international distributors
International Distributors Partner with Growth Products for a "Win-Win" Solution
Growth Products has exported many of its liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and microbial products for over 20 years, by establishing solid relationships with international distributors and encouraging their long-term growth and profit.

As a manufacturer, Growth Products offers its international distributors a number of advantages:

  • Growth Products offers a broad and versatile product line that can be sold into many market segments and used by many customer types. Products such as Essential® and Companion® give distributors the opportunity to sell to the greenhouse, golf course, hydroponics, sports turf, horticultural and agricultural markets.

  • We assist our distributors in the registration process for each country, and help obtain all necessary certification, laboratory analysis, certificates of origin, etc.

  • We can custom blend fertilizers and micronutrients to match the special agronomic needs of different areas of the world.

  • We provide international labels and metric application rates, and can custom design labels incorporating an international distributor's company logo.

  • We strive to get our products -- whether shipped in full containers or smaller volumes --to each country in the most timely manner, with the least expense in shipping costs.

  • We offer marketing and promotional sales tools, banners, posters and brochures to promote our products.

  • Our international technical support group can visit with you and help train your sales team.