Nitro-22 (22-0-0)
Nitro-22 (22-0-0) With 40% Smart Nitrogen Plus 4% Sulfur
With 40% Smart Nitrogen Plus 4% Sulfur

Nitro-22 (22-0-0) is a "best of both worlds" liquid fertilizer. It has a great price, it is easy and economical to apply, and it produces excellent on-the-ground results.

A clear liquid fertilizer, Nitro-22 has 40% slow release nitrogen and 60% quick release nitrogen. This combination gives you the benefits of a rapid green-up and then a slow, continuous feed of nitrogen. Nitro-22 also contains two forms of sulfur, one of which provides immediately available sulfur, while the other provides a longer-term sulfur release. Sulfur is an important nutrient for many turfs, since it aids in protein synthesis, helps in the utilization of nitrogen, and helps turf maintain a dark green appearance.

Because of its sulfur content, Nitro-22 is an ideal fertilizer for all areas of the county with alkaline soils. The sulfur in Nitro-22 helps reduce soil pH, and thus prevents any deficiencies caused by too high a soil pH.

Nitro-22 mixes and applies easily and is compatible with most other fertilizers and pesticides. It works well even at low soil temperatures.

Because it is derived from 100% American raw materials, Nitro-22 is particularly cost-efficient. Priced at 33%-42% less then ammonium thiosulfate, Nitro-22 gives turf masters an incredible "green value" for their nitrogen dollars. Your bottom line and your turf will love it.
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