Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0)
Nitro-30 SRN with 85% Slow Release Nitrogen
"A Superior, Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer for Lawn Care Professionals

Known as the "Smart Nitrogen™", Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0) is the smart choice for lawn care professionals. A crystal clear liquid, Nitro-30 is safe, easy-to-handle, and gives superior results. With a super-low salt index, Nitro-30 is non-burning and provides you with the safety factor you need.

Nitro-30 contains 85% slow release nitrogen and 15% immediately available nitrogen, allowing you to quickly correct nitrogen deficiencies and have a steady, extended nitrogen feed. In northern climates Nitro-30 is usually applied by lawn care professionals at 6 to 8 week intervals, while in warmer climates it is often applied monthly. This fits perfectly with most lawn care maintenance schedules.

As a sprayable liquid, Nitro-30 allows for a truly even application, which is in stark contrast to the often “scatter shot” nature of granular fertilizers. It is compatible with other technical materials, and can be mixed and sprayed with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides or iron in one application, saving both time and labor. Nitro-30 requires no agitation and will not clog your equipment.

Nitro-30 is also a cost effective choice. University research has shown that with Nitro-30, you can apply up to 33 percent less nitrogen and get the same, fantastic results! That's good for you, good for your turf, and good for business.

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