The Landscaper's BioNutrition™ 3-0-3 Granular
The Landscaper’s BioNutrition with Beneficial Bacteria for Planting and Transplanting
3-0-3 Granular with Mycorrhizae Technology for Trees and Plantings

Sustainable Landscape Management

"We have to assume that landowners and land users as a whole want to do the right thing and be good stewards–promoting fertility, diversity, health and social good while leaving their lands better off than when they got them. "

Clare Reinbergen, President, Growth Products, Ltd., and lifelong avid gardener.

1. Condition soil structure

Newly planted areas often have been stripped of valuable top soil, leaving compacted subsoils with drainage problems. Landscaper's BioNutrition has a unique combination of soil conditioners – including yucca, humic acid, kelp and a high quality polymer gel for water retention – that drastically improve soil conditions for better plant growth.

2. Root Bio-Enhancer

Containing natural auxin stimulating properties, the kelp, L-amino acids and rhizosphere bacteria in The Landscaper's BioNutrients promote new rooting on transplants.

3. Microbial Inoculants

Among the most important elements for a balanced soil are the activities of soil bacteria. Without beneficial bacteria, large organic materials such as leaves and other debris would accumulate in an uncomposted state and litter the soil surface instead of being broken down into an available food source for plants. The Landscaper's BioNutrition contains yeast plus four strong and prolific bacillus strains, each of which decomposes leaf litter and solubilizes minerals for plant uptake.

4. Mycorrhizae Inoculants

The Landscaper's BioNutrition includes seven strains of endo- and ecto-mycorrhizal fungi. Colonized in the soil, these fungi form a symbiotic relationship with a plant's root system, literally extending the plant's roots with white, filament-type threads. The result is better nutrient uptake (particularly of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium), better mineral uptake, and increased water absorption by the plant.

5. Improve Water Retention

Moisture is critical to any newly planted tree or landscape material. The Landscaper's BioNutrition contains a unique organic polymer gel that has the ability to absorb 500 times its weight in water, allowing the gel to gradually release moisture to a plant's roots as the soil dries.

6. Add Important Carbon to Soil

The ingredients in Landscaper's BioNutrition provide the soil with important carbon sources. The combination of kelp, L-amino acids, humic acid and our exclusive slow release nitrogen provide food for beneficial bacterial and endo- and ecto- mycorrhizal fungi , thus ensuring the establishment and of beneficial microbes in the soil.

7. Provide Slow Release Nitrogen

It is important to avoid high salt fertilizers when transplanting. The Landscaper's BioNutrition contains a safe and reliable source of slow release nitrogen with a low to negligible salt index. This slow release nitrogen gradually breaks down with the increase in microbial activity to supply a steady source of available N.

The Most Comprehensive Approach To Soil Health

It is critical at any new construction site to properly prepare soils to ensure that the expensive landscape materials will survive the stress of transplanting. The Landscaper's BioNutrients will:

  1. Condition soil structure
  2. Stimulate root growth
  3. Introduce valuable soil microbes
  4. Colonize soils with mycorrhizal fungi
  5. Improve a soil's water retention
  6. Add essential carbon to soil
  7. Provide slow release nitrogen
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