Prevent Yellowing
Prevent yellowing with plant growth regulators
Green and Weed-Free Isn't Just a Dream
Do you feel faced with a dilemma - to treat a lawn for weeds and have yellowing, or not to treat and have unsightly weeds? Worry no more. With Iron Max AC 6%, you have a lawn that is green and weed-free!

Iron Max AC 6% 15-0-0> is a chelated iron product with 2% manganese that can be used in conjunction with herbicides to prevent any herbicide-related yellowing. Created by Growth Products, with all of the company's high-tech, high-quality assurances, Iron Max is like a bases-loaded grand slam. Unlike most other iron products that have only two or three ingredients, Iron Max has four ingredients:
  • 15% Nitrogen. The primary element for growth, nitrogen is essential for grass color, grass density, resistance to certain turf diseases, and stress tolerance.
  • 6% Iron. Iron is crucial to the formation of chlorophyll. While granular, soil-applied iron is frequently unavailable for turf uptake, foliar applications of Iron Max's chelated iron are quickly absorbed by plant tissue so as to provide immediate results.
  • 2% Manganese. Manganese absorbs carbon dioxide and transforms carbohydrates in the soil. Unlike some manganese products, the chelated manganese in Iron Max is readily available for plant uptake.
  • 4% Sulfur. Sulfur aids in plant growth vigor, helps in the utilization of nitrogen, and allows plants to maintain a dark green appearance.

  • Iron Max is amine compatible and can be tank-mixed with herbicides, pesticides, and N-P-K fertilizers for easy, labor-saving applications.