Organic! To be, or not to be?
That is the question…
From lawn care to annual bedding, Growth Products has smart, profitable solutions.
The US lawn and landscape market is over $30 billion dollars. A household will use 30 million tons of fertilizers on lawn care each year, along with 30,000 tons of synthetic pesticides!
Consider YOUR Impact
When you read these statistics, it makes you stop and think.
Can I help reduce this waste and the negative environmental impact?

Growth Products has been supplying lawn care fertilizers, micronutrients and organics for 30+ years. Our direction has always been to provide products that are kind to the environment, reduce nitrate and nitrogen runoff, and lessen the amount of pesticides used with safer, non-toxic, organic biological fungicides. We look below the surface into what makes healthy soil.
Soil Eco-Technology, for a Greener World!
Over the past 5 years, we have added to our growing list of products, with dry technology and several new concentrated soil amendments, aimed to rebuild overworked soil with highly effective ingredients and NO Fillers! They include biological soil conditioners containing billions of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, both endo and ectomycorrhizae, dozens of rich highly concentrated soil organic matter (SOM) components, pure natural wetting agents and bio-conscious plant stimulants; all with the goal of improving soil quality, and reducing disease and pest problems. If soil health is poor, plants undergo stress and a stressed plant is a magnet for disease.

Better Nutrients, Better Results
Well-tended soils result in strong root growth, better nutrient uptake and, most importantly, reduced ecological and financial impact; less fertilizer, less watering and less labor for mowing.

So, when you are setting up your lawn, landscape program or large hydroseeding project, or have to consider new municipal regulations on nitrates, phosphorous and pesticides, see what other professionals have depended upon for years. Each of our PROGRAMS and SOLUTIONS give you many products options to fit your project needs.

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