Cost-Efficient Feeding
Smart Nitrogen slow release liquid fertilizer and chelated micronutrients for lawn and turf
Growth Products Offers Cost-Conscious Solutions For Landscapers and Lawn Care Professionals
With today's rising fertilizer and labor costs, cost-effective fertilization is more important than ever. Growth Products' line of technically advanced liquid fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, and 100% natural organics will protect your bottom line and provide beautiful results.

One key to saving on material and labor costs is to use a high-quality slow release nitrogen. Growth Products, an innovator in liquid fertilizers in the green industry, uses its proprietary Smart Nitrogen in all its fertilizers. Smart Nitrogen, which contains a unique methylene urea nitrogen molecule, provides for significantly better nitrogen uptake into leaves and roots. And Smart Nitrogen's slow, highly predictable nitrogen release means longer time between feeds, allowing less frequent applications.

Smart Nitrogen doesn't volatize or leach, so you're not throwing your money into the air, tossing it down the drain, or hurting the environment with wasteful run-off.

But what does Smart Nitrogen mean for you?
  • Less frequent spraying means lower labor costs.
  • Better N uptake, less volatilization, and less leaching means lower total nitrogen costs, at a time when fertilizer costs are skyrocketing.
  • More beautiful lawns and turfs means more satisfied customers and more repeat business for you.
Look for Smart Nitrogen in Growth Products' Nitro-30 product line, in Nitro-22, and other specialty fertilizers. Combine them with Growth Products' liquid organics and biostimulants for a healthy landscape and healthy business returns.