Protect Your Investment
Plant annual flowers with The Landscaper's Companion
Better Establishment and Healthier Roots Can Protect Your Investment
An expensive landscape installation is a major investment. Protect that investment from the start with Landscaper's BioNutrition!

Landscaper's BioNutrition is a transplanting product for trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and newly sodded lawns. Formulated with natural beneficial soil bacteria, natural biostimulants and organic nutrients, Landscaper's BioNutrition is an all-in-one dry granular product. It combines the best of Essential and Companion, and has the added benefit of containing water-holding gels.

Once incorporated into the soil at planting or transplanting, Landscaper's BioNutrition quickly goes to work to:
  • Naturally stimulate roots and root hair growth.
  • Protect new growth with billions of beneficial, rhizosphere-dwelling bacteria.
  • Conserve moisture and water, helping prevent drought stress.
Landscaper's BioNutrition saves time and money by letting you apply one product that does the work of three, and it works with virtually all plant species.

After planting or transplanting, continue to protect your trees, shrubs and ornamentals by using Growth Products' superstars, Essential Plus and Companion . Essential Plus 1-0-1 has 21 L-amino acids, humic acid, natural plant hormones, vitamins and a natural wetting agent. Companion Biological Fungicide is a sprayable liquid that stimulates healthier roots, accelerates plant growth, and activates the natural defense system of a plant.