NITRO-28 SRN (28-0-0) WITH 72% SRN

Combining High Efficiency and Low Cost….. More profits for Lawn Care Professionals

NITRO-28 SRN (28-0-0) WITH 72% SRN

Nitro-28, the 4th generation of our well known slow release nitrogen technology is a new, improved formulation that will increase your bottom line with more profits! A smart, economical choice as a nitrogen source for lawn care and landscapes! Nitro® products have been trusted by professionals in the in the sports turf market for 30 years. This crystal clear solution is a well-balanced blend of 72% slow release N for the long hot days of summer, just enough quick release nitrogen for fast, immediate green up, and excellent residual release for weeks of feeding. Backed by years of scientific research at leading turf universities, Nitro-28 is non-phytotoxic because of its low salt index of 6. Great for low volume spray which gives you more sq. ft. per tank.


For all climates, all types of turf grasses (warm, cool and transitional) and any soil conditions. With dual uptake of both foliar and root, there is no waste from leaching because it sticks on leaf blades and soil particles. And there is an added benefit to your soil’s health; this unique technology contains carbon, an energy source for beneficial soil bacteria. Unlike nitrate inhibitors that actually hamper beneficial soil bacteria and become unstable in rising temperatures, Nitro-28 feeds the good bacteria.

  • WEATHER STABLE – From the hot south to the frigid northern climates, Nitro-28 is weather stable in the sweltering heat or below freezing temperatures.
  • COMPATIBLE- Nitro-28 is compatible with other technical materials, and can be mixed and sprayed with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides or iron in one application, saving both time and labor.
  • NATURAL STICKER / SPREADER – sticks to leaf and soil particles making technical materials work better.
  • EASY-TO-USE - Nitro-28 needs no special agitation, will not settle and is not abrasive or corrosive to equipment.
  • COST SAVINGS – Our new prices for 2018 are guaranteed to be cost competitive in sizes from 2.5 gal to 275 gal or bulk deliveries for increased savings.
  • SAFE – for the environment because it does not contain nitrates and safe for tender seedlings.

University research has proven time and time again that our Nitro products are cost effective, outperform the low grade quick release products, are good for your bottom-line, good for your turf, and good for the environment.

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