Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0)
Nitro-30 has the lowest salt index of any fertilizer
A Superior, Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer for Turfgrass Professionals
Known as the Smart Nitrogen™, Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0) is the smart choice for turfgrass professionals. A clear liquid, Nitro-30 is safe, easy-to-handle, and provides superior agronomic results. Nitro-30 provides rapid correction of nitrogen deficiencies AND gives steady, even feeding without harmful surge growth.

With Nitro-30 SRN, you get all the benefits of Growth Products' proprietary methylene urea polymers, which provide the science behind Nitro-30. These complex polymers give Nitro-30 the following beneficial properties:

  • Nitro-30 acts as a sticker / spreader, so it will not be washed away by rain or irrigation.
  • It fastens to the leaf cuticle, where it is broken down and absorbed by stomatal openings.
  • Its dual efficiency allows it to be absorbed by both leaves and roots.
  • It will not leach or volatize, making it good for the environment and good for your bottom line.
  • It does not contribute to thatch build-up associated with fast release nitrogen products.
  • Its liquid formulation allows for pin-point accuracy of application, in contrast to the "scatter shot" nature of granular fertilizers.

  • With Nitro-30 SRN you can get healthier, greener turf than you ever dreamed possible, all while saving time, labor and money. Nitro-30 - the Smart Nitrogen™ - is smart for business, smart for the environment, and smart for every turfgrass.
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