Sports Turf
Hollywood Park Race track shows excellent root depth
High Demand Sports Turfs Require SMART Solutions
Sports fields of every kind must be able to stand up to the demands of hard play. Field owners and fans want aesthetically pleasing expanses of green, while athletes demand a safe, predictable playing surface that will give them sure footing and reduce the possibility of injuries.

The key to maintaining a perfect sports field lies in tough-as-nails roots. And nobody does roots better than Growth Products, an industry pioneer in biologically based root stimulants and SMART fertilizers.

Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide teams up with Essential® Plus Organic Root Stimulant to produce thicker, denser, longer and stronger roots on every type of athletic turfgrass. Over 25 years of university trials and on-the-job use at top sports field across the world show that -- alone or in combination -- these two products encourage superior root development.

Strong, resilient turf also requires the right fertilizers. Quick release fertilizers add unwanted salts that damage delicate roots and also force surge growth, which makes turf more susceptible to disease. In contrast, the use of Smart Nitrogen™, Growth Products' proprietary slow release nitrogen, provides a consistent, reliable feed and is extremely safe, with a salt index of less than 4.

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