Wear & Recovery
Growth Products helps sports fields to look their best
Sports fields endure the most intense wear and traffic conditions of any turfgrass. As a sports turf professional, your job is to get a field back into play as quickly as possible. With Growth Products' advanced microbial solutions and professional-grade biostimulants, your job has never been easier.
  • Prevent damage and speed up after-play field recovery with consistent care from Smart Nitrogen, X-Xtra Iron, and Essential® Plus.
    • Smart Nitrogen is the slow release nitrogen (SRN) in every Growth Products fertilizer. With its consistent and predictable feed, Smart Nitrogen prevents harmful flush growth and prevents the disease and stress problems that accompany top surge.
    • X-Xtra Iron with 100% chelated iron gives a rapid green up that's often visible in just 24 hours. It contains more iron than the closest competitive product on the market.
    • Essential® Plus contains powerful root growth stimulators that create strong, healthy roots. With deep, dense turf roots, turfgrasses will resist damage and bounce back sooner after play.
  • Banish dry spots and hydrophobic turf patches with Hydro-Max™. An all-natural wetting agent, Hydro-Max increases water and fertilizer penetration in problem spots. It contains 90% yucca extract derived from Mohave yucca, a sustainable source of amphiphilic saponin phytochemicals. Hydro-Max not only increases water penetration into all types of athletic turf and reduces surface tension of sprays, but it conditions soils over time and leaches excess soil salts.