Long Lasting Color
Long lasting green color with Growth Products
The Grass is Always Greener with Growth Products
When the color of your turf is off - even a little bit - people take notice. Growth Products can help you quickly "bring back the green" with the superior agronomic performance of its chelated liquid iron and chelated micronutrient packages.

Why chelation? Simply put, chelated ("key'-lated") micros are available to turf immediately upon application. They quickly and efficiently reverse micro deficiencies such as chlorotic yellowing before serious damage can occur. With Growth Products' chelated iron solutions such as X-Xtra Iron, turf managers sometimes see restoration of deep, green turf color literally within hours!

100% chelated X-Xtra Iron also:
  • Discourages harmful surge growth, often seen when nitrogen alone is relied on for quick green-up.
  • Contains nitrogen and sulfur, which along with iron are the most important nutrients for photosynthesis.
  • Works as a foliar spray or as a root application.
Chemically speaking, chelated micros are inorganic nutrients that have been enclosed by an organic molecule. When applied as a foliar spray, chelated micros rapidly penetrate a leaf's waxy coating and enter into the plant. Chelation increases the availability and mobility of plant nutrients, reduces nutrient leaching, and prevents certain nutrients from being locked-up by inhospitable soil pH levels.

Growth Products has seven chelated micronutrient packages. In addition to X-Xtra Iron, our most popular micro products include Iron Max 15-0-0, Micrel Total 5-0-0 with 8 micronutrients, Magnesium Chelate and Manganese Chelate.