Precision Research On the Pulse of Contemporary Turf, Arbor, Agriculture, & Horticulture Health

  • Not just meeting the needs of our customers, but exceeding their expectations; that is why research and development is so important to Growth Products. It’s our mission to deliver the best products on the market, whether it be for golf course maintenance, tree disease management, specialized crop nutrition or transplant stress reduction.

Quality. Efficacy. Results!

  • The Growth Products R&D team conducts trials and studies around the globe with a focus on development through sustainability. Taking on complex challenges and establishing comprehensive solutions, with over three decades of industry expertise, we continue to explore new technology, using the highest quality (technical grade) materials, free of inert fillers and damaging contaminants. Our formulations are built around product stewardship, supporting eco-vitality, sustaining soil biodiversity and addressing nutritional needs in harmony with the environment; helping green professionals improve yield, production and efficiency, no matter the climate or conditions.

Setting the Curve, A Philosophy of Innovation & Service

  • Growth Products remains a dynamic source for industry professionals with the tools and technical support they need via our expansive network of distributors and representatives, working to make crops, turf, nursery and greenhouse more productive today, tomorrow and beyond.