Effect of Companion® and BioNutrients® Total-Pak on the Growth & Health of Native Wildflowers
The Davey Institute, Davey Tree Expert Company
Davey Tree Research Farm, Shalersville, OH, 2016
Dr. Anad Persad, Anna DeToro, Brian Jeffers & John Siefer
Objective: Compare the effect of Companion® Biological Fungicide + BioNutrients Total-Pak, Companion alone, BioNutrients Total-Pak alone with untreated control to examine the efficacy of each product on improving overall wildflower cover, bloom quality and controlling damping off diseases.
Method: Randomized, complete block design beds, replicated three times. Trials were initiated using 5x5 (25ft2) native wildflower plots. Applications of an 18-24-12 granular starter fertilizer were made on 6-JULY, 2016, to all plots, at the time of seeding. On 27-JUL, two weeks after germination, treatments of Companion + BioNutrients (32-oz/20-gallon + 8-oz/20-gallon), Companion (32-oz/20-gallon), BioNutrients Total-Pak (8-oz/20-gallon), and Untreated Check were administered. Each plot was treated with one of the four treatments, with a hand-held sprayer, to the point of run-off.
Evaluations: Evaluations began on 26-AUG, 2016, approximately four weeks after product applications. The plots were assessed by percentage native wildflower establishment, quality of blooms, and health from a scale of 0-100. Wildflower establishment was based on the percentage of cover in each plot. Bloom quality was based on the amount and quality of the blooms in each plot. Health was measured by the percentage of damping off disease presence. The plants with suspected fungal disease were identified using microscope at the Davey Plant laboratory. Additional assessments were taken 2-SEP, 9-SEP and 16-SEP, 2016. Evaluations were made to show the effect of treatments of Companion + BioNutrients, Companion (alone), BioNutrients Total-Pak (alone) on Wildflower plots, as compared to the Untreated Check.
Results: The combination treatment of Companion + BioNutrients Total-Pak proved to be the best performer in the trial for maintaining overall flower density/coverage with an average increase of 21.23% in wildflower cover and 12.63% average increase in the quality of blooms.
Disease prevention, control and treatment in the establishment young native wildflower plants showed marked improvements with the application of Companion + Total-Pak as well as the Companion and Total-Pak alone applications. Damping off disease was reduced by an average of 59.46% with the Companion + Total-Pak application, and 54.05% with the Total-Pak application. Leaf spots were reduced by an average of 60.89% with the Companion + Total-Pak application, 42.33% with the Companion application, and 41.96% with the Total-Pak application.
Overall, the native wildflowers benefited with all of the applications, which contributed to plant survivability, flower density levels and protection against disease pathogens.
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